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Sony-Shock's News

Posted by Sony-Shock - 4 days ago

To cover for dental procedures, I'm opening commissions until the amount is covered!
-As regular times, I'm providing a form link and all you need is to fill it up.
-Only note is that this could result in a long queue, so please keep that in mind before applying!
-For this purpose I'm going to try to maintain a public queue!
LINK- https://forms.gle/qr4f3AEbD8mokDQd6

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Posted by Sony-Shock - August 26th, 2021

Sketch Ideas for custom pokemon card themed prints. Printed like a regular card, I could sell these for 1USD or so+Shipping each. Would anybody be interested in something like this?

They are not playable nor intended to be, they are for decoration and collection only





Posted by Sony-Shock - July 13th, 2021

Good evening! Last weekend was Anime Matsuri, and I spent so much in the Artist Alley, since it is of, obviously, the most valuable part of any convention.

I have a growing collection of artist merch, and my collection of artist online shops only grew after last event. Inspired by some artists's dissapointment with the event, I've decided to share their shops with examples of the products I've either purchased or I have my eye on. Let's get on with it!


Aguichart! I've bought so much stuff from this artist is ridiculous. But they have so much variety and everything is cute and nice! The sketchy art is blessed <3!

They also have original stuff related to their wholesome comic 'El Jardin de Ceres', although in spanish!

Favorite items- the wooden pins (I own the Shrek and Hamtaro ones!) and the Jardin de Ceres stuff (I backed the kickstarter they did and I have everything but the pillow and wooden pins)

Main subjects- Nintendo properties, horror anime and videogames (seriously), Yakuza, general anime, original comic 'El Jardin de Ceres'... Their variety is huge!

Products- Keychains, pins (metal and wooden), stickers, prints... Also rarer printed goods like majuus, pillows, pouches and even an Animal Crossing umbrella!




ResidentialRabbit! One of the artists I found at Anime Matsuri! Nice sparkly, cartoon-animeish stuff! One of the few ones with Higurashi and MLP stuff! !

Personal favorite products- I am looking forward getting at least one of their MLP pins and the Rena buttonMain subjects-Higurashi, MLP:FiM, Triggerseries, Pokemon, Original Visual Novel 'Repurpose'

Products types- Pins and buttons mainly. Also keychains, prints and dakimakuras.




Wrabbit shop

One of my favorite shops at Anime Matsuri. Beautful colors, very soft and juuust a little bit dark here and there. I bought multiple things from them, including Sayaka (I initially wanted Homura but they had run out, but all of them are beautiful) and Miku keychains. They are also one of the few that prominently feature original stuff, too!

They also have a Monthly keychain+Sticker club in Patreon!!

Personal favorite- The Circus March pins (Got the Phanpy!), the Trick or Treat pins (Charlotte, Charlotte!) and this Head empty pin which I'm SO planning to get!

Main subjects-Original cat OCs, pokemon, some jojos, some nintendo~ Vocaloid too!

Product types- Pins, keychains, stickers, apparel.




Kiwi's art shop

One of the Matsuri artists with my absolute favorite coloring style!! It caught my eye everytime I passed by and I ended buying yet somehow I think I didn't buy anything, which I gotta fix. I probably got their business card like, three times....

I'll probably start by buying some of their prints now that I've decided how to collect them!

Personal favorite- The Sakura charm kept catching my attention because it showcasts their coloring so well, and they had a big version of this Zelda print and it looked awesome

Main subjects- Pokemon, Fire emblem, cute stuff in general~

Product types- Charms, pins, stickers, prints




Ryuu Daiga

It's the bug dude! That's the nickname they got because they have a lot of bug-themed stuff, and ngl, that's really cool.

That includes bug pokemon! It was one of the things my wife took the initiative to buy herself!

Oh, yes, they also have Pink guy merch, if you are not a COWARD. They had this dakimakura fully printed and damn, it made an impression. But if you ARE a coward, they also have mini-dakimakuras. I admit they looked very nice and I was tempted, even with the spiciest ones~

As an anecdote, while I was looking for a Kabu keychain, other artist suggested me to check them out, showing me their business card. They weren't who I was looking for but the fact I inmediately recognized them and it was coming from another vendor is pretty neat =)

Personal favorite- This Joltik+Galvantula keychain! It's easily the biggest keychain I owe and it's super cool. It's very elaborate and even has a little spider charm at the end. Also this Giovanni keychain, defintely not because I have a type.

Although to be fair, I feel their top stuff is all the bug themed stuff, no matter if original or fanworks.

Main subjects- BUGS! And Pokemon. And furry stuff too UwU

Product types- Huge, elaborated charms, dakimakuras, mini-dakimakuras, stickers, lanyards, facemasks~




Kayogurt! (Alternative Etsy link! Not sure which one will be used after Anime Matsuri!)

Another of the top sellers for me at Matsuri! One of these simple styles that translate SO well into merch. So comfy, so nice <3

Note- Their online store is unavailible at the moment, but Etsy says they will be back!)

Main subjects- Pokemon (Featuring the anime's Team Rocket!) and Fire Emblem! But they have other subjects here and there 'v'

Favorite merch-One of the few who I got a button from (The Scorbunny)! I'm wearing it in my hat from now on, too! They even went with the more rare choice of having them being soft buttons. Big kudos to this standee. They had it at their booth and it looked really really neat. The 3D is great <3 Also I'm not usually interested in memo pads but I might go for theirs. They did catch my attention~



Hideaway Melon

Another Matsuri top seller for me!!! Their art is just amazing! (Both of them, as it's a pair of artists!). Some of the most refined anime styles as well, both of them!

Another of these whose prints made me decide I have to start collecting prints myself, so that's what I'll do!

Main subjects-Very varied anime subjects including Genshin Impact, Fate, BNHA... They have a lot of variety and don't repeat a lot, and they also include a decent amount of original stuff~

Favorite products- I got some mini keychains since I had no way of collecting prints yet, but I think their prints just shine

Product types- Keychains, prints, standees, stationery, apparel...




Spooky Hearted

CATS! Lots of cat stuff. Lots of meme cat stuff! And all of it cute, too! I don't usually succumb to meme stuff, but their plushies are super soft (YEAH!) and I had a lot of fun flipping that Pop Cat. As a matter of fact, plenty of their works are flippable~

For real tho, their plush pillows are so nice. The printing is so pleasing!

Personal Favorite products- I like that Pop cat plushieeee! But in the end we got this 'Stay pawsitive' keychain (the grey one, because it looks like our cat Giza!) and the Mimikyu keychain because I need MORE Mimikyus.

Main subjects- Meme cats! With some pokemon and Chaos (!!!) spice

Product types-Plushies and keychains! Some pins too





Beautiful pins! Super cute and round, and all pokemon ones come in regular and shiny colors!! Their style is very characteristic and everything is round and comfy~

Also kudos because their booth was super nice looking and they were really nice! They let me in that Beastar pins are coming and I'm all for that~


Main subjects-Pokemon! Round, adorable pokemon. Animal Crossing is spiced in too!

Favorite products- Loteria themed pokemon piiiin! (Also sold separatedly)... which I should get, ngl. I love when sellers venture into something unique like that. What I did get was a shiny Mimikyu (of course it was Mimikyu) from them!

Product types- Pins! But they also have keychains, stickers and even these cute side bags




Dalton Doodles

Oh, yes!!!! Another TOP TOP one for me in Anime Matsuri! Their booth was in a far corner and that's not fair because their stuff is absolutely amazing and very unique! They didn't have keychains the first day and in the next day we ran right to their booth to get it! Only reason I didn't buy more from them is because they specialize in pins and stickers, and I had no way to collect them at the time (but damn that's going to change). They have that cool melty-eerie-detailed style I love.

Also a bit sexy cursed ;D

Main subjects-They are very varied! Pokemon and Evangelion are sprinkled there but most of it is original one one-offs

Favorite products- I'm in love with this Rei sticker and I probably repeated myself a lot while looking through their booth, and this set of prints with all pokemon by generation is amazing! I love how it's inspired by the original sprites

Product types- Defintely prints and stickers. Another seller giving me good reasons to put together a print binder


And here's the rest of the list that is not in hiatus after the con. Some I don't have anything extraordinary to say but all of them are really nice and I reccomend you check them! Others I will add as reviews as a later day but I just am out of energy at the moment (phew!)

  • The Moonborn Soft soft merch! They have multiple kinds of merch you don't find anywhere else too, including handmade stuff! There's butterflies, there's cows, there's mugs! And there's goose
  • Pretty Pastel Studios Very appropiate name! Magical girls(Including Saint Tail, that's pretty obscure!), Genshin Impact! Keychains and stickers!
  • Miss Melty Market Another very appropiate name. Melty bold style with colors to match. Stickers, prints and apparel. If you want a fix of not-so-candy gore, here's it, too! (I personally appreciate it)
  • Vexingly Yours Varied seller! Round bold style! We got this Marx keychain from them since Marx is the best Kirby boss UwU They are the organizer of the Dragon Shores fanzine, too!

And by now that's all I'm sharing, but there's more, so I'll update this post with more shops!



Posted by Sony-Shock - June 23rd, 2021

My Etsy shop just got opened!

And my first product? Zap to the extreme! Sonichu, Rosechu and Magi-Chan keychains! Featuring my own take on the characters!


Shop link




Posted by Sony-Shock - May 20th, 2021

User ofer135 asked me about my art process, so I put this together for them! After receiving it, they reccomended me to post it publically, so here it goes! 0v0 Be free to ask questions!

Program: Paint Tool SAI 2 (Will also work for SAI 1 for the most part)

That's a little long, but basically... First, I sketch the pic out... obvs


The lines are in a 'Multiply' mode layer!

Then, in more 'Multiply' layers, I add tones! I prefer to always keep it unsaturated, since the next step include lots of saturated modes


I add lights and colors with 'Overlay' and 'Screen' layers! In this step sometimes I add different colors, but most of the time I maintain the hue. It's good to start with a single hue!


Once I'm more or less satisfied, I add more colors! I add these with a mix of overlays, screens or even 'Color' mode layers.


Generally, Overlay is for saturation and color. Screen is for unsaturated lights and contrast, and color is for neutral tintying. If it starts to look too saturated, I can reduce the saturation in any of the layers to compensate. Lowering the luminosity is another valid option.


With the picture more developed, I also might add more Multiply or color layers in order to adjust contrast. I let my intuition guide me


Since the picture has gotten a little messy, sometimes I add a layer where I paint over what I already have using the marker and pickying colors from the image itself


See it's a little more defined? I also add contrast and mix colors as needed.

After that, I use a mix of layers as needed to make adjustments so the picture's colors are ready to work! Using filters like upping contrast or depth is also fine!


Picture is ready for rendering!

Then, I merge all the layers together! Usually I put them in a folder and duplicate that folder, so I can keep the original layers. It's a big loss of information otherwise ;v;

On the merged image, I use a blending brush and start dragging colors, defining shapes and the like. Sometimes (in this picture it's very obvious) I still use extra layers to add more color and contrast where needed~!


My blending brush is a modified version of the 'Watercolor' default brush in Paint Tool SAI. It's set so it never adds color on its own, but only drags colors that are already on the layer. The dragging becomes more transparent if the pressure is low, allowing me to do gradients here and there. Think of it like when you use your finger to drag pencil on paper, but not messy and you being able to hold the pressure for as long as you want! (Btw do not use your finger to drag colors, it's greasy and will ruin your art)




Posted by Sony-Shock - May 16th, 2021

Streaming whatever is in my SAI window~

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Posted by Sony-Shock - April 20th, 2021

Today it's Papercut's 1 year anniversary!!! Sparkles One whole year since I jumped right in and did not stop ever since! I used to fear getting my original stories into 'paper' might be too difficult for me, but one year ago I started the journey to prove to myself I could do it



Posted by Sony-Shock - April 9th, 2021

I'm in twitch finishing the kofimissions from yesterday! <3 https://www.twitch.tv/sonyshock

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Posted by Sony-Shock - April 8th, 2021

Will be taking kofimissions at 17:00 Central time~!

Twitch link- https://www.twitch.tv/sonyshock
Kofi link- https://ko-fi.com/sonyshock

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Posted by Sony-Shock - February 28th, 2021

So apparently Tapas has an option to add a music track to the pages and that made me consider the possibility of commissioning or collaborating with a musician to make a Papercut (my webcomic) soundtrack. It'd be really cool!

Now, I'm an artist with next to zero musical knowledge and I have no idea how to commission, what pricing to expect, or where to find musicians for it... I only know the 'vibes' I want from it and I have a small playlist with songs that are similar to what I'd like.

I know I'd like ecletic, melancoholic, atmospheric and maybe a little weird and unnerving tracks. Quiet instruments and maybe non-lyrical vocals. Maybe with some character songs here and there. No lyrics needed.

So any help, any ideas? Anybody interested? It sounds like a really cool idea which can be benefitial for both.

Paid work, of course. Although art trade is also a possibility if someone likes my work.

This is more of a question than an offer right now, but I'm open to any advice or offer, even if I'm not taking it right away.