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CONCEPT-Custom artbook printing website

Posted by Sony-Shock - January 6th, 2021

So, I have this idea for a custom printing website~ Artist custom artbooks to order!

Artists can submit their art, then customers could select any artwork from the one uploaded to the site and build custom artbooks, which would be printed to order. Every time an art piece is selected for an order, the original artist gets a little percentage of the sales.

I do not have management skills or resources for printing, but I think it's a great, interesting idea which I'd love to see realized. I know I'd be a customer myself! Or, you know, if someone knows how it could become a reality...

Some ideas:

For artists

  • Artists profiles include an username, art style (optional) describing their art type (anime, furry, cartoony, abstract...), bio and social media links.
  • Artist accounts would include galleries of their artwork, with the choice of dividing it into subgalleries for different subjects if they so desired.
  • When an artist uploads artwork, their pieces would be checked for resolution, with the art not being uploaded unless a 300ppp piece is submitted. This wouldn't be displayed in the page itself though, but used by the website for printing, in order to protect the piece from stealth!
  • Art can be named, tagged and can have a preferred disposition for the artwork: Horizontal or vertical.
  • If the artist wants it, they can limit the amount of prints of specific artworks, and when the artwork has been printed that many times, buyers wouldn't be able to choose it for printing anymore.
  • The artist does not lose their rights to their art! They are only giving printing rights to the site, and the right to earn money with the production of the artbooks and no other ways for as long as the art remains in the site.
  • To avoid copyright problem, probably it'd be wise to limit works to non-fanart. Wouldn't stop everybody, but a good rule of thumb.

For buyers

  • Artbooks can be made as a guest, but if you make an account, you can use it to save artbook collections, so you can reprint a specific set of artwork. Handy!
  • They can also save favorite artists and artwork!

Printing process

  • Technically each artbook is made based on an automated set of templates, leaving the buyer to just select the art they desire and typical printing choices like paper quality and cover type . Price would be generated based on these.
  • The last page would be automatically generated with credits to the artist/s, collected from the artist' page in-site.
  • For extra revenue, artbooks might feature advertisements in a few pages, similar to comic books. Offering a suscription method could give buyers the choice of eliminating this.
  • Customers can look for work not only through the artist' gallery, but through tags and art style! Using the search engine, they can easily find art with specific tags or in a specific style. If you don't know specific artists who draw anime girls, you could search for pieces tagged 'girls' that belong to an artist who selected 'anime' as their style



Comments (2)

This is really not a bad idea, I just have no idea how someone would be able to take it off the ground. If something like this existed, I'd own /many/ books by now.

Good idea! Needs some work to iron out any legal and logistic issues but a solid foundation for a good business.