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Commissioning music for Papercut

Posted by Sony-Shock - February 28th, 2021

So apparently Tapas has an option to add a music track to the pages and that made me consider the possibility of commissioning or collaborating with a musician to make a Papercut (my webcomic) soundtrack. It'd be really cool!

Now, I'm an artist with next to zero musical knowledge and I have no idea how to commission, what pricing to expect, or where to find musicians for it... I only know the 'vibes' I want from it and I have a small playlist with songs that are similar to what I'd like.

I know I'd like ecletic, melancoholic, atmospheric and maybe a little weird and unnerving tracks. Quiet instruments and maybe non-lyrical vocals. Maybe with some character songs here and there. No lyrics needed.

So any help, any ideas? Anybody interested? It sounds like a really cool idea which can be benefitial for both.

Paid work, of course. Although art trade is also a possibility if someone likes my work.

This is more of a question than an offer right now, but I'm open to any advice or offer, even if I'm not taking it right away.



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Hiya, I commission a few musicians from time to time. The things you listed are what they all tend to ask for when asking for a commissions. An Idea or Theme, the Feel of it, if there are any certain instruments or sounds. And, you even have images to work with as well. and a sample playlist too.

To commission, it's just like working with an artist. Check out their commission prices. Some musicians do flat rate or per minute of music. Hand them all the specific information for your song idea upon request of commission. If they ask for feedback, timestamps are your best friend.

I have no knowledge of what musical parts and instruments are called so if there's something during the WIP i need to give feedback on, I give the timestamp and what the sound sounds like, then try to say what I'd like the sound to sound like instead. "The instrument at 1:23 that goes WAAAA! real loud is too loud for me. It made me turn the volume down. Can it be a softer sound like wooo, or a different instrument that's not as harsh?" is how I can best come across with it. If i know the names of instruments or field of instrument, i say em, but otherwise if i don't know i do things like that.