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So pretty! The cloud colors made me click! <3 Really nice

MLeth responds:

Aww thank you! :D

Awww, congrants on the frontpage!

Those units sprites are so cute...!!

Very very good

I'm amazed at how effective the volume of the spiky ball is represented. The colors are just awesome!

The shading is so great! I love the use of peach-colored light. Works so well with the blue.

[Random Art browsing review!] Nice! The color choice is very nice!

I feel the proportions do clash a little with the more realistic style, though. The neck is accurate to the head in proportion, but then torso is tiny!

Also, if you're using traditional art, try to adjust the colors intensity a little in an edit program next time! Specially to get rid of the 'ugly ink black' that scanners turn lineart into. Just making the colors pop a little and making the blacks a little more rich (a very simple way to do this is turning the blacks into a very dark color instead of a neutral dark grey) would do the trick!

Anico responds:

Thank you so much for the critique and the tips! I’ll definitely try to use an editing tool for the lineart next time!😊

[Random Art browsing review!] Ah, that's so good! I love how shiny and meaty the abdomen looks!

[Random Art browsing review!] The design and expression is really cute! However, the dark tones used in the skin, hair and text combined with the thick lineart makes the points of interest (the face) very heavy and overwhelming to the eye! This is accentuated by the very light unsaturated colors in the background and shirt. Also the fact that the shirt is of a neutral light grey brings unnecessary attention to it.

IMO, to fix that you could have used a warmer, just a tiny bit darker color for the shirt so all colors were in harmony with each other. Maybe also using a lighter color for the skin, or darkening/unsaturating the background so the skin looks brighter in comparision.

Oooh, that's super cool!!

USA based spanish artist. I love seafood.

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