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USA based spanish artist. I love seafood.

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Sony-Shock's News

Posted by Sony-Shock - July 31st, 2019

I'm very eager for next month. I feel with a little luck I might be able to get all the money I need to pay for some inmigrant stuff. And after that I'm going to have possibilities open for me: I could take a break to take care of the artistic burnout I've been suffering lately, which has gotten really bad, to the point I was worried I could stop drawing all together! Thankfully not too seriously.

During that period I might be able to focus on my writing so I can go forward with certain projects that require it, instead of only doing single illustrations. I know I mention my projects a lot, but at least I can say I'm getting better! I did finish the Jakylyn artbook after all! That's one achievement! And I am getting some writing done, too, just not a lot yet.

But after the hypothetical not-so-break I also can look forward saving money with less urgence. I'd be able to start saving to get a loveseat, to support some people in patreon (maybe?) and of course reestart my savings for something very important which will take a lot of money...~

Also! With the inmigrant stuff settled, I think it wouldn't take long before I can actually get a job if it's needed, which with my wife's possible firing in the horizont, might be a need. That and something more fun: Conventions! I can't wait to get into an Artist Alley again. I really, REALLY want to!



Posted by Sony-Shock - July 4th, 2019


Ta-daaaa! After multiple months of work, here's the digital release of my pin up collection featuring my OC Jakylyn (a multipurpose character)

It features over 30 full color pics, some sketches, and the price is the amazing amount of 'Pay what you want!' starting at 1USD!

The contents are non-explicit, filled with pics of Jaky being a bit sexy, happy and all around adorable, so lots of fun!

Click here to get it!



Posted by Sony-Shock - June 2nd, 2019


SLOTS OPEN at the moment of creating this blog- 6

COMMISSION REQUEST FORM- https://forms.gle/kJ4ro967tkQHYRc2A



Posted by Sony-Shock - March 2nd, 2019

Commissions are open for non-patrons!!

That’s right! It’s that time again! 5/10 slots were taken by commissioners yesterday, so 5 more slots are free! 

Commission form


Posted by Sony-Shock - February 13th, 2019

Stream commission starting! I'll be doing 5$ busts or chibies for a while 'v' A mix of simple and full colors (basically, will make it look pretty) https://picarto.tv/SonyShock 


Posted by Sony-Shock - January 29th, 2019

This next month initially I will not be opening commissions!

I want to catch up on some things and I do not feel at my best either... For this same purpose my Patreon has been paused! However, this opens the possibilities of more casual Stream commissions, although I’d rather not promise anything by now...

Other than that, thank you very much for supporting me, and I hope to come back stronger this March!


With this, I'll still stick to my daily art routine as much as possible, since I'm already recovering from some problems.

Posted by Sony-Shock - January 19th, 2019

To post games made in Unity in Newgrounds, is there something I should know? Or is it enough to export them as WebGL? 


Posted by Sony-Shock - January 17th, 2019

Imagine you take a very bad story's premise, and you start thinking how you would have writen that story to make it good. Or maybe you take an unexplored part of a story and start making up how it would have gone. 

And you keep writing and writing, adding stuff where it's needed, and maybe even changing parts that were originally there to make them more of your own taste.


Do you think that's a valuable way of creating a legitimate original story? Or would you consider it just smart plagiarism? Or maybe you think the line is clear...?


I wonder what you guys think!



Posted by Sony-Shock - December 11th, 2018



Coloring of lineart given by the commissioner 

  • Simple colors-12$
  • Full colors-25$
  • Full colors with background- 50$
  • Speedpaint video 10$ 

I can record and render a speedpaint video (HD formatting, mp4) of your commission and send it to you or post it on my youtube channel (fetish and nsfw art does not count, however)

  • Alters

Alternative versions of commissions will increase the price by either none, ¼ or 1/3 of the base price depending on the difficulty or quantity. Those are some examples:

  • Always free- Coloring, transparent versions, different sizes, cropped versions
  • Free unless they are a lot- Expressions, gestures, small body parts, fluids, overlaid items or held items, accessories
  • ¼-Partial body clothes, limbs
  • 1/3-Clothing sets.Clothes that coer at least all of the torso and part of the legs. 


  • 10 slots are open each month. With the month’s 1st reserved to Patreons only
  • The priority with getting slots applies when both a patron and a non-patron request at the same time, so non-patrons will not get their slot cancelled once it’s been obtained.
  • Slots are not applied to free art patron rewards!


  • I take free days every Wednesday and Sunday, working every other day


  • Very basic characters like small animals or mascots won’t be considered extras. Same with details such as flowers, staffs or small furniture.
  • Payment will be via paypal invoice.
  • When deciding the details of your piece, do not fear on giving away any background story or psychological aspects. I appreciate those.
  • NSFW is allowed. Some subjects, however, might be rejected. (Deciptions of real life people without consent and minors are never accepted)
  • Delivery will be by email unless otherwise specified.



Posted by Sony-Shock - October 16th, 2018

Finally, now NewGrounds will rise again as the main page for videos.


Unless Oaxis takes over first, of course